Capitalizing the Cannabis Revolution

The Firm

StarGreen Capital strives to provide easy access capital to cannabis cultivators, manufacturers and retailers throughout California.

The company utilizes joint venture partnerships with entrepreneurs eager to capitalize on today’s generational “Green Rush” growth opportunity.  Even though cannabis has quickly become the 3rd fastest growing industry in the United States, it remains one of the most difficult to capitalize and StarGreen Capital seeks to alleviate this hurdle by providing liquidity to the capital constrained marketplace.  StarGreen Capital’s investments allow our partners to take full advantage of the current exponential growth in the cannabis business.  StarGreen Capital is actively looking to partner with industry leaders who possess exceptional business acumen and branding proficiency, and can use our capital as the catalyst to go to the next level.


StarGreen Capital’s parent company has a track record and historical performance that speaks for itself – through December 2015, the portfolio has delivered an Average Annualized Return on Investment of 39.05% (1).

39.05% Return on Investment


(1) Returns have been reviewed and calculated by the 3rd party accounting firm of Fishman, Block, & Diamond, LLP.
(2) From Jan 1, 1995 through December 31, 2015


Joint Ventures with Qualified Cannabis Businesses

StarGreen Capital provides capital to cannabis operators looking to expand their businesses in order to take advantage of the exponential growth in the industry. We seeks cannabis entrepreneurs looking to grow their existing footprint, expand into new markets, or develop cannabis-related businesses. We will form joint venture partnerships with qualified successful cultivators, manufacturers and retailers looking to rapidly expand and upgrade their current facilities.

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 StarGreen Capital seeks to solve one of the cannabis industry’s core challenges, access to capital for businesses during their growth periods. The company pursues joint venture partnerships with highly qualified cannabis operators to provide institutional level capital and industry leading expertise which culminates into extremely successful partnerships.

Real Estate

 StarGreen Capital’s extensive experience in leasing and developing real estate gives each one of our partners a competitive advantage within their business operations by allowing them to own and control their own real estate and destiny.  With decades of real estate knowledge and acumen, StarGreen Capital will develop or locate the perfect real estate infrastructure. We have the ability to source the right strategic assets through our deep real estate network in order to assist our partners with all of their real estate needs.


  StarGreen Capital looks to successfully cultivate compelling brands for each of our partners. These brands enable our partners to maximize their returns by separating their products from a market place that ultimately will be overcrowded.


StarGreen Capital believes this is an investment opportunity of a lifetime and we are always looking for additional investors that want to capitalize on this booming industry.  We have a 25 year track record of delivering returns that far exceed both the market and the majority of our peers. Our disciplined investment strategies and risk mitigation deliver asymmetrical returns and will give us the ability to make the most out of this massive “Green Rush”.


Brokerage Relations

 StarGreen Capital’s entrepreneurial strategies and flexible financial resources provide brokers and sellers with a certainty of closing the deal. Our aggressive attitude towards acquisitions and long standing track record make us an ideal buyer and partner to work with on every transaction.

 StarGreen Capital continually seeks to develop new relationships within the brokerage community and never looks to “bypass” brokers. We actively support the brokerage community by listing our properties with brokers as a sign of our loyalty.

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